Home Ways for Dealing with Facial Swelling

Puffiness, especially the one affecting face, might become worrying if it lasts long, or when it frequently reoccurs. This state can be a bad consequence caused by various factors. What are the reasons of swelling and what are home remedies to deal with it?

facial-swelling.jpgSwelling – Causes

Swollen face can be the consequence of a sleepless night, no matter if you have been at a boozy party or if you went to sleep at your normal time but something has disturbed your rest. Facial swelling is the symptom either of an allergy and a toothache, or the consequence of a dentistry procedure. Also, this can be the side effect of aesthetic medicine procedures to which skin reacts by getting temporarily swollen. When it comes to bags under eyes, they are encouraged by ourselves when we avoid physical activity, eat unhealthily and drink insufficient amount of liquids; in this situation the under eye puffiness is the aftermath of lymphostasis in subcutaneous tissue. Slowed down lymph circulation makes it hard for metabolites to be transported to the lymph ducts so they are accumulated in the subcutaneous tissue, where the puffiness is created.

In some cases facial swelling is the first symptom of serious diseases that affect, for example, kidney or thyroid gland. No matter of the cause, facial swelling doesn’t make us more beautiful and it’s really hard to camouflage it with make-up. After all, you don’t always have the right cosmetic close at hand that might facilitate you this task. Luckily, there are effective home remedies that deal with swelling.

Swelling – Home Remedies

1. Under Eye Bags Self-Massage
Self-massage depends on stroking the eyelids with finger tips and on pressing upper and lower eyelid with the middle finger. The massage has to be carried out starting from a temple slowly moving to the nose. It should last just a few dozen seconds.

2. Tea Dressing
In order to prepare tea dressing you need to use tea bags. If the swelling affects eye skin area only, just two teabags will suffice. However, if the swelling affects the whole face, you will need five or six teabags. Wait until they cool down and then put them to the swollen face parts. Let them sit for a few minutes. The most effective type of tea for this procedure is either black or green.

3. Chamomile Dressing
Undoubtedly, chamomile dressing is an effective method to deal with eye puffiness. We prepare it the same way as the tea dressing. It’s also worth mentioning that the infusion left after chamomile bags removal can be used for wiping eye skin area in order to reduce redness.

4. Mini-Drainage of Face
Mini-drainage of face depends on tapping face with fingers rhythmically. The tapping should begin from forehead and move to chin. Use both hands. This massage’s aim is to even the level of lymph, therefore the motions applied should be delicate, yet rapid.

5. Japanese Stick Massage
This Japanese massage is performed using q-tips. At the beginning you have to tie a few q-tips with a rubber band. You need one set for each hand. Take a few minutes to tap your temples, cheeks, move to the neck and behind ear area with the tied q-tips. Owing to this procedure you will help remove the excess of water and lymph from underneath the skin.

6. Raw Potato Dressing
In order to apply raw potato dressing you have to peel it off first and grate (the size of holes doesn’t matter). Apply the pulp to the face and rinse with lukewarm water after 15 minutes.

7. Cucumber Dressing
Distribute the cooled in a fridge cucumber slices all along your face and let them sit for 10 minutes. After that, wash your face with lukewarm water. Basically, instead of a cucumber, you can also use cooled down thin slices of a potato.

8. Ice-Cube Massage
In order to do the massage, put ice cubes inside foil bags and then to a thin cloth. Use the dressing to massage your face applying circular motions. Start from forehead and move to chin. Keep massaging your face for more or less 3 minutes.

9. Cold Spoon Dressing
This ‘dressing’ reduces eye puffiness. In order to do it, press a cool spoon to the upper eyelid and keep it there for a few seconds. Do the same to your lower eyelids as well. Repeat the procedure a few times. You can make a spoon cold either by keeping it under the stream of cold water of by keeping it in a fridge for a few minutes.

10. Cold Dressing
Cold dressing is an effective way to deal with swelling after a tooth removal procedure. If you want to prepare it, take a few ice-cubes and put them into a foil bag and then wrap them with a thin cloth. Press the dressing to the swollen face part and keep it there for a few minutes. If you need your hand to be free, you can secure the cold dressing with a scarf.

11. Sage Wash
Sage acts antioedematous, therefore washes including sage extracts are able to reduce swellings caused by a toothache (of course, they won’t replace a dentist consultation). Infuse sage accordingly to the instructions provided on the packaging. Wash your mouth with the infusion a few times a day.

12. Milk Dressing
This type of dressing helps both with puffy eyes and the swelling that affects the entire face. Damp a few cotton pads with cold milk, squeeze the excess of milk and apply the pads to the swollen face parts. Take them off after 10 minutes and wash the face with cold water.

13. Egg White Mask
This mask makes skin more taut so it reduces swelling. It can be applied to eye skin area as well as to the entire face. In order to prepare the mask, beat egg whites until they are stiff and apply the foam to the swollen face area. You can use either fingertips or a brush to spread the mask evenly. Leave the foam for 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly afterwards.

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