How to perform no make up look? Natural make up step by step

The no makeup look is expected to appear as there is no makeup at all. It supposed to be performed with use of cosmetics in natural shades of beige, pink and nude. This type of makeup makes skin look young, healthy and prominent due to its sole purpose of highlighting the natural beauty and concealing the imperfections. How should you prepare your face for the no makeup look? How to pull the no makeup look off step by step?

How to prepare the face for the no makeup look?

Before you actually get to the no makeup look, you need to prepare your face first. In order to do it, start with cleanse and exfoliation (go for enzymatic gentle exfoliator if you have sensitive skin), then moisturise. Cream’s action can be enhanced by a nourishing natural oil suit for the skin type. Appropriate care should be also provided to the eye area.

No makeup look step by step

1. The Primer

Now that your skin is ready for the actual makeup, apply primer. It should be chosen accordingly to the skin type and so for the acne prone skin best is primer with natural clay.

2. The Mineral foundation

When it comes to the foundation in the no makeup look, it should not be the coverage foundation. It should be replaced by a highlighting one, or in case of acne-prone, oily or mixed skin – mattifying yet mildly covering foundation. Its shade is chosen as per usual, that is accordingly to the colour of the neck. Similar approach is taken with foundation tones: for warm skin tone choose yellow shades and for the cold skin tone go for the pink shades. Neutral tones can also find something for themselves. What is more, this particular cosmetic should have simple composition and convenient application. How should you apply mineral foundation? It should be done in gentle strokes using beauty blender or foundation brush.

3. The Under eye concealer

Use under eye concealer for face to look natural yet pretty. This particular product is expected to be a tone lighter than the foundation. It’s task is to camouflage dark circles and lessen prominence of the laughter lines of this area.

4. The Powder

For the no makeup look use translucent powder or such that is close in shade to your foundation. Advisable is product with slightly highlighting properties for this extra glow. Powder’s main job is to fix foundation and concealer.

5. The bronzer, blush and highlighter (contouring) in no makeup look

For this look best are mattifying bronzer with cold tones, light peach or coral blush and subtle highlighter. Apply bronzer and blush in small amounts – just to make cheekbones pop out a bit. The highlighter can be but does not have to be applied at the top of the cheek bones, nose tip and Cupid’s bow.

6. The Eye make-up

For no makeup look, eyes and lips may remain natural but not necessarily. Another solution is to use mild nude shades (vanilla and white coffee are especially recommended), apply mascara to the upper eyelashes and outline eyebrows with product in shade close to the natural hair colour of this area.

7. The Lip make up

For the lips go with colourless lip gloss or nude lipstick with matt or semi-matt finish.

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