Focus on the eye – the best products for eyelashes, eyebrows and the eyelid

It is said that eyes are the window to the soul. 

There is a reason for that statement. 

Every professional makeup starts with emphasising the eye. Regardless of whether we are planning to do an intense, eye-catching look or go for something subtle, ideal for work or school – we focus attention on the eyes. I’d like to suggest what’s worth using to take care of the look of the eye. 

1. Eyelash and eyebrow serum 

Eyelash serum has been a real breakthrough in eyelash care. Thanks to a regular application, it makes your lashes stronger and longer. Nowadays, in less than a month, women are able to grow spectacular, longer than ever, darker, stunning lashes; all it takes is to apply the product along your upper lashline every day. Owing to the treatment, natural lashes look great even without mascara, however, if you apply a layer of mascara, the effect is even more astonishing. It is worth checking out online reviews and find the top-rated serum that will change your whole looks.

2. Eyebrow Tint 

This product should not be mistaken with a permanent hair dye. Eyebrow tint is a long-lasting yet removable cosmetic that can alternate your brow makeup in a work of art. It helps you ‘draw’ brows one by one. This way, you get a natural and professional effect. Eyebrow tints are durable, they do not smudge nor fade even on a rainy day.

3. Eyeshadow primer 

A good eyeshadow primer is a real must-have when it comes to eye makeup, especially if you want it to last longer. Regardless of whether you like to apply subtle nude shades or (especially) intense colours – a high-quality primer will help prolong the wear. Even after a long and tiring day, the looks will still be in place; the eyeshadow will not gather in fine lines not it will fade. In addition, a good cosmetic is also able to bring out the colour of the eyeshadows and make them blend better on the eyelid. With more intense makeup, it will make your eyes pop.  Owing to the primer, you no longer have to worry about the look of the eye makeup.

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