How to take care of eyelashes? The properties of Hairplus eyelash serum

Beautiful lashes are the outcome of an advised care. We are able to improve the length of our lashes and strengthen them with the use of Castor oil. However, eyelash serums are a much more effective solution. One of them is called Hairplus. How does the product from Tolure Cosmetics work?

Eyelashes require specific nutrients for proper growth and regeneration. In order to know how to take care of your lashes, you must first learn about their anatomy and get to know their needs. Let’s revise some basic information.

1. Eyelashes are the shorter versions of hair that grows on the head. They are thinner, more delicate and require specific treatment. They differ in length, stiffness, and growth cycle (that is shorter). Other than that, there are no significant differences which is why thorough care form the roots to tips is a necessity.

2. Eyelashes need support because they are constantly exposed to the harmful effects of external factors (for instance, waterproof cosmetics) or mechanical damage (for example, during a makeup removal). Additionally, vitamin supplementation plays an important role in lash care (A, E and some of the B vitamins). Minerals such as zinc, phosphorus, magnesium are also extremely beneficial. Make sure to look for those components in the lash serum you intend to purchase.

One of the widely recommended lash serums is Hairplus. Does it contain valuable ingredients? How does it work? Is it worth recommending?

Hairplus eyelash serum is a product designed for a daily use. It supports eyelash care in a visible way and improves their overall condition. How does it work? It delivers valuable nutrients to the bulbs and provides proper moisture level. Lashes are to be strengthened and slightly darkened within 4-8 weeks of regular use, however, the effects may vary as they depend on the eyes’ individual sensibility to nutrients. Moreover, the method of application also influences the results – the more precise it is, the better the results are. Removing makeup thoroughly and regular applications are the key to success. The product is suitable for both women and men (although, men do not use it as often). Hairplus eyelash serum can be applied to the brows as well.