Bedtime hairstyles. How to tie your hair to look beautiful in the morning?

Don’t like wasting time styling your hair in the morning? There is a solution! Bedtime hairstyles are the best way to have pretty hair in the morning. With the right way of tying the hair strands you can achieve curly, straight or slightly wavy hair. Find out how to protect your hair from damage while you sleep and which hairstyle to use to get the desired effect in the morning.

Choosing the right hairstyle for bedtime is a really important matter, although it might seem trivial. Professionals from hair salons constantly remind us that wearing your hair down while sleeping is not a good idea. In the night, we often change our positions and that’s when hair is the most vulnerable to damages, such as pulling out, creasing or breakage. Therefore, loose hair for the night does not make us look spectacular in the morning.

We have prepared a few useful tips for you, so that in the morning you’re going to wake up with a hairstyle you desire. You will save time, because you won’t lose it on modelling your hair in the morning.

What hairstyle for sleeping?

A sleeping cap is among some very useful accessories. They mainly work for women who have lush curls, but their structure distorts during sleep. As a result, they look unpleasant after waking up. With the cap you will minimize the rubbing of your hair against the pillow, so in the morning it won’t look frizzy. After a night in cap, the waves will lay beautifully on your head.

Satin or silk pilowcases are also helpful in minimizing friction. Chances are that the cap is not a pleasant or aesthetically pleasing option for you. Try changing your pillowcases and surely the material will reduce the nighttime damage in your hair structure.

How to tie up your hair to make it curly in the morning?

If you want your hair curly after waking up, you need a hairstyle that takes less than 10 minutes. Are you busy and don’t want to waste time styling your hair in the morning? You can easily get out of it, because all you need to do is tie your hair into a braid right after you wash it. Contrary to appearances, it’s a very comfortable hairstyle to sleep in – just keep the braid loose. Leave some of the strands loose, so the effect will be softer and much more natural.

A substitute for the braid can be a bun, which will also make the hair curl. Make it on top of your head so the hair will gain maximum volume. Remember to wrap all strands with an elastic band and gather them into a bun. Protruding strands might not curl and stand out.

How to tie up your hair to make it straight in the morning?

This is a slightly more complicated matter. You can only style them in such a way that they curl as little as possible in the morning, but you can’t suppress natural mechanisms. If you have a haid full of curls every day, a bedtime hairstyle won’t stop them from curling.

Is your hair not this way? Make a ponytail on top of your head and flip the strands behind your pillow, so you don’t lie on top of them. If you want a bedtime hairstyle that will leave your hair straight in the morning, dry your hair thoroughly right after you wash it and make sure you use a modelling brush – dry hair is much less prone to creasing.