Let’s play BingoSpa! Purifying face mask with white clay and Dead Sea Mud

Naturally, we know how white clay face masks do wonder to our face skin. The same is known to BingoSpa brand, that is why, the producers have prepared a cleansing clay face mask sold under Dead Sea Mud Face Mask with Caoline and Zinc name.

Dead Sea MudIt goes without saying, that the most difficult to take care of is oily skin. It tends to produce the great amounts of sebum, due to which, this type of skin is always shining all over the face, is covered with acne and blackheads. While talking about blackheads, the place where these are formed, skin pores, are extended and clogged when one has got oily skin type. What is more, the most of sebum is produced in, so-called, T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin.) These are the very parts of face where the bacteria, responsible for acne and seborrhea, are multiplying continuously. One of the substances used with the acne combat is clay because of having absorbing, purifying and contracting properties.

Basically, white clay is one of purifying BingoSpa mask ingredients. Why in particular white clay? Simply because white clay is excellent for oily skin care. It is of refreshing, disinfecting, pores contacting and cleansing properties. What is of the greatest importance, white clay is able also to regulate sebum production. Additionally, this substance smooths and relieves irritations as well as dermis inflammations. Apart from while clay, this face mask from BingoSpa contains zinc oxide, an extremely crucial component while fighting against acne. One more key ingredient is Dead Sea mud since it is yet another substance that contributes to acne medical treatment. Menthol oil plays also fairy significant role in Dead Sea Mud Face Mask with Caoline and Zinc because it refreshes skin and soothes complexion.

The consistency of the face mask from BingoSpa is rather dense due to which the cosmetic does not run down our face, does not stain our clothes and is fast to dry out. It is recommended to apply a thin layer of the cosmetic on the face and keep it for a quarter of an hour. Then, the face mask should be rinsed with warm water. Must be remembered, the first application may result with itching.

Dead Sea Mud Face Mask with Caoline and Zinc from BingoSpa is closed in a little, white jar. The capacity equals 150 grams.

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