Effective Hair Removal Methods. How Were the Trends Changing and Which Techniques Are the Best Nowadays?

Which one of us doesn’t dream about having perfectly smooth legs with soft and well-conditioned skin? If you are one of such dreamers and want to finally finalize your beauty plans, find out which methods you can apply to achieve this goal. Also, learn how your ancestors used to remove unwanted hair from their bodies and where the trend for smooth skin comes from in the first place.

effective-hair-removal-at-home.jpgHair Removal – A Little Bit of History

It’s said that the trend for removing unwanted hair form bodies started in antiquity. Ancient people believed that skin should be smooth no matter if this is a female or male body. To remove hair they used resin mixed with milk. Such a mixture was applied to skin and massaged into it to pull out the hair together with hair bulbs afterwards. When it comes to shaving, ancient people used shells and stones which sharp edges dealt with unwanted hair without a problem. It wasn’t sooner than the Middle Ages when people believed that hair removal is against the rules that were prevailing at that time. In short, hair removal was forbidden, all the more that women weren’t allowed to show their bodies even in intimacy.

The real hair removal revolution was brought about by American magazine Harper’s Bazaar in 1915. There was an ad they published which presented a women with shaved armpits. That was the very moment when the boom for smooth and hairless bodies started. It was connected and led to the short swimming suit trend and outdoor recreation. Also, hair growing on legs and other body parts used to be coated with hydrogen peroxide in order to light hair up and make it less visible.

Today’s Hair Removal. The Most Popular Techniques

The present-day hair removal techniques significantly differ from the one applied in the past. They are effective, easy-accessible and, what’s the best about it, most of them can be used at home. Here are the most popular techniques of removing unwanted hair from our bodies:

1. Razor

This is probably the most popular, fast and at the same time the most effective way of removing hair from our bodies. Razor gets rid of all, even the thinnest and shortest hair. Sadly, despite its attractiveness, this method delivers a short-lived effect. Hair bulbs remain in skin and the hair that keeps growing out prickles and blemishes our bodies. In order to maintain the effect of smooth skin, shaving must be repeated every second day. To make this procedure less troublesome, there are a few innovations introduced. For example, today’s razors are easy to wield, are precise, feature lubricating bands, movable heads and well-developed handgrips.

It can’t be denied that classic razors are slowly being ousted by electric epilators. This device delivers significantly better results than regular blades because the smooth skin effect possible to an electronic epilator can last even for three or four weeks. In most cases, an electric epilator can be used both wet and dry.

No matter the technique applied, always remember to use before and after hair removal cosmetic. Such product will help you glide the blades smoothly and prevent irritations. Basically, for shaving you can use any cosmetic that is currently within your reach. It can be shampoo, soap and, of course, special mousses and gels. Also, remember to apply a moisturising cream to the shaved skin. Thanks to this your body will be sooth. Moreover, you will look gorgeous as your legs will remain smooth and neat for long.

2. Hair Removal Creams, Gels and Mousses

They contain special substances that dissolves hair, yet the hair bulbs remain untouched. The effect of smooth legs lasts up to a few days. How to use such cosmetics in the right way? Apply a thin layer of the cosmetic to a body part you want to free from hair. Rinse it off after a few minutes to discover your smooth skin. If you decide to go for this kind of hair removal method, you must remember about a few rules:

  • you can’t sunbath within 24 hours from the procedure. When exposed to the sun rays, substances such products contain may lead to irritations and dehydrate skin which protective hydrolipid barrier was disturbed during the hair removal;
  • always match hair removal creams, gels and mousses to your skin and hair type;
  • scan with your eyes labels of the hair removal cosmetics to find out whether they include some allergic substances. Also, you’ll learn how to use them properly and what effect they are able to bring out.
3. Wax Strips

It’s one of the most effective ways of removing unwanted hair at home. Hair is removed with its bulbs which delivers long-lasting effect. Unfortunately, ripping the strip from the skin can be fairly painful and may lead to skin damages. In order to make the procedure the most effective, you have to prepare for it appropriately. For example, the hair should be at least 5-milimeter long and the skin should be exfoliated. What are other important issues to mention while talking about using was strips? Firstly, this procedure isn’t recommended for people who have broken capillaries, varicose veins, fever, skin infections or damaged epidermis. Secondly, wax strips shouldn’t be used the same day we want to show our legs, but a day before in order to allow skin to regenerate overnight. Thirdly, it’s suggested using a special cream or ointment to soothe irritations.

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