Enhance your Natural Beauty! Step-By-Step Makeup

Applying makeup which enhances your beauty instead of taking charm away – contrary to appearances, it’s quite a challenge. How to put on makeup? High-end beauty products aren’t enough. The order you apply them matters, too.

To lots of women, makeup is the other skin that they present every day. Without it, we feel naked and deprived of some part of ourselves. That’s why it should look natural so we don’t feel like comic book characters. The key thing is you make sure your makeup camouflages imperfections and enhances assets e.g. covers pimples and defines a beautiful eye colour.

How to apply flawless makeup step by step?

FACE SKIN must have an even colour and be smooth. Try products which enhance the face shape and slenderize the face in some parts. Usually, it’s advised to start makeup with the skin yet there’s the other school saying you begin by applying eyeshadow (e.g. to avoid shadow on your cheeks). The choice is yours.

  1. Before applying makeup, use a primer, lightweight cream or oil.
  2. At first, cover all blemishes with a camouflage corrector.
  3. Apply an under-eye concealer to camouflage dark circles.
  4. Next, apply foundation to even the skin tone out.
  5. Do a face contouring.
  6. Illuminate the face where you want to enhance it.

EYES must be defined so they look bigger. To define the eye colour, choose eyeshadow which intensifies the natural eye colour. Remember that defined, long and full eyelashes give the most beautiful, open eye effect.

  1. Apply a little eyeshadow base to the entire eyelid.
  2. Apply a basic shade to the upper lid and a bit to the lower lid.
  3. Darken the outer corners with a chosen colour.
  4. Illuminate the inner corner and the area under the brow ridge.
  5. You can illuminate the middle of the eyelid e.g. with some glitter.
  6. Coat lashes with a mascara or apply false eyelashes.
  7. Define the brow ridge with the right shadow.

TRICK: For better effects, use an enhancing serum which keeps eyelashes hydrated and stimulates faster lash growth. Healthier hairs are easier to define with a mascara. Besides, a serum makes a mascara a useless product. Try looking at best eyelash growth serum reviews and reading opinions and comments to find the right one for you.

LIPS come in the last stage. They complement your makeup. Your lipstick shade depends on the intensity of your eyeshadow. With subtle eyes, you can go wild with lips. Very dark eyeshadows, on the other hand, plus a dark lipstick overwhelms your look. Only if a pro applies this kind of makeup, it’s a success.

  1. Before applying a lipstick, use a bit of a foundation or concealer.
  2. At first, define the lip shape with a lipliner.
  3. Next, apply the lipstick with an angled brush.

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