You are what you eat! 5 foods that ruin your appearance

Our appearance – the health of skin and condition of hair – depends on numerous factors. Diet is one of them. Do you know the importance of your eating habits for the appearance? Discover 5 products that ruin the effects of the best skin and hair care routine.

If we’ve got problems with hair, we reach for a conditioner. When the skin is very dry, we use a moisturizer or lotion. To reduce dark circles under the eyes, we apply a light eye cream and a concealer for camouflage. That’s great but what about the key thing?

Day-to-day care affects our appearance to a little extent. A balanced diet lies at the core of stunning hair and skin – what we eat has the biggest effect on the health of skin and tresses.

Diet – a secret to lovely look

Everybody knows that food has effect on our figure. We do our best to cut down on meals and reduce intake of fatty foods. All for keeping fit and slim!

Still, few people know that diet doesn’t only aid in keeping weight under control. Foods we eat have an effect on the condition of hair and skin – greater effect than cosmetics we apply. Most nutritional ingredients essential for healthy skin and strong hair are found in food.

What to eat to have healthy skin and stunning hair?

Many people wonder what to eat to have amazing hair and radiant skin but there’s no must-eat list of ingredients. The thing is we should have healthy eating habits and deliver a full range of foods to the body.

Eating healthily is the key. The secret is balanced diet rich in nutritional ingredients i.e. vitamins and minerals. There are some essential ones for skin and hair: vitamin E (strong antioxidant which rejuvenates) silicon, zinc and sulphate. You must also be aware of the importance of omega fatty acids (mono and polyunsaturated), that is so-called healthy fats found e.g. in vegetable oils.

Let’s also remember that healthy hair and skin need vegetables, fruit, fish (source of valuable acids), wholewheat products, etc.

5 products that ruin our skin and hair

Now we know the healthiest meals for skin and hair so let’s find out about the blacklist that spoils them.

We can easily list at least 5 products that damage hair and dry out skin. They make it hard for us to keep lovely-looking even when we eat lots of veggies, fruit and wholewheat bread.

What foods and drinks are the most destructive?

  1. Alcohol (not only strong) is a top enemy which makes skin and hair lose water very quickly if we have it in excess or too often.
  2. Processed foods that often substitute homemade meals (instant soups, highly-processed foods) – they also have a negative effect on the health of skin and hair because they have little nutritional value, quite a lot of calories, unhealthy fats, sugars and chemical additives.
  3. Table salt aka white death – used in excess, it makes the body hold water, causing swellings, dark under-eye circles and extremely dry skin.
  4. White sugar is another product labeled white death. Not only does it trigger obesity and various chronic diseases but also intensifies skin conditions e.g. acne.
  5. Fried foods – chips, crisps and all deep-fried foods aren’t good for our health because the process involves production of trans fats which clog arteries and make the skin worse (dull, sallow, tired).

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