How to make your neck and cleavage tautened? Forever Youth Liberator Y-Shape cream from Yves Saint Laurent

It is generally-known that with age, our skin is loosing its elasticity, shape of the face is changing and unattractive wrinkles and age spots are developing. Basically, eye skin area, mouth skin area, neck and cleavage are the most prone to have their skin wrinkled. How does it happen? Aging processes starts when we reach around 30 years old. At that point, the level of hyaluronic acid, elastin, collagen and other substances responsible for young appearance of skin become decreased. Obviously, this is not the only reason why wrinkles are formed. Generally speaking, environmental pollution (and this include free radicals or heavy metals) has got quite an influence in this case. Moreover, improper skin care, diet deficient in vitamins, unhealthy lifestyle and even a pose in which we tend to sleep contribute to wrinkles formation as well.

Y-Shape cream from Yves Saint LaurentFortunately, with the struggle against wrinkles Forever Youth Liberator Y-Shape from Yves Saint Laurent is lending us the helping hand. This cosmetic is destined to care of cleavage, neck and Y-Zone (the lower parts of face.) Naturally, the product firms, enhances skin tautening, helps out with production of hyaluronic acid and elastin, and strengthens collagen fibers. During the regular application, Forever Youth Liberator Y-Shape smooths fine lines, highlughts discolourations, reduces the look of dullness of complexion and restores the youthful radiance.

And how to apply Forever Youth Liberator Y-Shape cream from Yves Saint Laurent? Put the small amount of the cosmetic on your neck, cleavage and face. Rub, massage and pat it heading towards chin and jowl. In this manner, you provide the skin with massage, and as a consequence, boost blood circulation which, in turn, improves the general condition of skin. The cream is closed into a 50 ml jar. Such an amount lasts for approximately five months of Forever Youth Liberator Y-Shape beauty treatment. The application is to be performed both in the morning and in the evening.

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