Homemade Deodorant: Why It’s Good to Give It a Try?

I guess we wouldn’t do without a deodorant on a hot summer day. Excessive sweating is a big problem in the summer but it can be fixed with a good product. And you don’t need to buy it. You can DIY an effective deodorant! How? Read on to find all details.

Buying deodorants isn’t a problem these days. You can find them at any drugstore, supermarket, beauty store… However, a recipe for DIY deodorant may come in useful. When? For example when you are allergic to ingredients added to most readymade deodorants.

Homemade Deodorant – Is It Worth the Effort?

If your skin is hypersensitive, if you want to go eco-friendly, if you like testing new things, if you’re do-it-yourself enthusiast – no matter why you want to try making natural deodorant, it is always worthwhile.

DIY deodorant is an effective replacement for readymade products. It neutralizes the odor and prevents excessive sweating, ensuring longer-lasting freshness. If it’s made from proper ingredients, we can be sure it will leave us feeling fresh even in the summer with higher temperatures.

How to make a natural deodorant?

Let’s find out how to create homemade deodorant and which ingredients to use for best result. We share the best recipes that Internet users swear by and have used for many years. They are definitely worth trying!

Recipe for Homemade Deodorant Cream

We need:

  • 2 spoons of coconut oil
  • 3 spoons of corn starch
  • 2 spoons of shea butter
  • 2 spoons of baking soda
  • a few drops of essential oil

The best way for combining the ingredients is putting them in a metal bowl and melting them over steam so oil and butter combine with other components. After mixing them well, put the product into a jar and leave it to cool off. Essential oil is optional. It gives your deodorant a scent you like, for example rose, bergamot or lavender.

Recipe for deodorant based on baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

We need:

  • half teaspoon of baking soda
  • half teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide
  • drop of essential oil

In this case you prepare just a small amount because it’s used fresh. Mix the ingredients and apply them on the armpit skin. Again, essential oil is optional; add it if you want fragranced homemade deodorant.

Recipe for homemade spray deodorant

We need:

  • 50 ml of distilled or flower water
  • 2 spoons of hot water
  • 2 spoons of sodium chloride
  • a few drops of essential oil

If you prefer spray-on deodorants to creams, this may be a good option. Mix sodium chloride with warm water until they melt. Next, add remaining ingredients and pour the mixture into an atomiser bottle. Choose essential oil having the smell you like the most and want your deodorant to have.

Good and Bad Sides of DIY Deodorants

The best thing about homemade deodorant is you can make it easily using ingredients you’ve got at home. This means a lower price so you save money. Also, DIY deodorants are more eco-friendly because you don’t produce unnecessary waste from empty packages.

However, you need to remember that this homemade solution has some flaws. Obviously, it takes some effort and free time. Another problem is that DIY deodorant may prove insufficient if you sweat a lot because of over-activity of sweat glands. Of course it’s best to simply give it a try and see if this kind of natural anti-sweat shield works for you.

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