How to choose the right foundation?

The two basic roles of the foundation are to even out the skin tone and smooth out its texture. The foundation may have additional functions, for example, brightening or mattifying. How to choose the right foundation and how to apply it correctly?

beauty.jpgHow to choose the right foundation?

When choosing a foundation, we should consider three main criteria: skin type, foundation’s consistency and its shade.

  • Skin type
    The foundation must meet the needs of your skin, so before you choose it, determine whether you have dry, oily, combination or normal complexion. Mature skin requires a particular type of camouflage. Dry skin foundation contains moisturizing ingredients that provide the skin with an optimal level of hydration throughout the day. Moreover, foundations for oily skin are characterized by a non-fat formula and the content of ingredients that absorb excess sebum. On the other hand, when it comes to the foundations for mature skin, also referred to as lifting or firming, there are vitamins, plant extracts and hyaluronic acid that fill the wrinkles and, consequently, optically smooth out the face.
  • Foundation’s consistency
    We can choose a lightweight or brightening foundation. Full coverage products balance the colour of the skin due to the high content of pigments. Modern foundations with covering properties, despite their solid cover, are characterized by a light consistency. To avoid the cakey mask effect, just apply a thin layer. Lightweight products contain a few pigments, so they do not cover up any major imperfections, but they will even out the skin tone. Such foundations guarantee a natural look. Furthermore, a brightening foundation provides an average level of coverage – such cosmetic will even out the colour without the cakey mask effect. They contain light-reflecting particles that will provide a radiant look to a gray and tired face.
  • Foundation’s shade
    The right shade of the foundation must match the skin of your neck. To choose the right one, perform a test on the cheek, right next to the mandible. It is best if you squeeze samples of foundations in different shades and spread it down the jawline; their comparison will make it easier for you to make the decision.

How to apply foundation?

Although the foundation can be applied with a beauty blender or a brush, it is best to spread it with your fingertips, because the fluid combines better with the skin when it comes in contact with a naturally warm hand. In addition, the fingers enable precise application of the foundation on problematic parts of the face, such as the hair area and the mandible line.

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