What’s booster and how does it work?

Booster is a cosmetic which prime task is to protect and condition corneum. Additionally, booster intensifies action delivered by regular cosmetics. How does booster work in particular, how to choose the right one and how to apply it?

how-does-booster-work.jpgHow does booster work?

Booster’s mission is to reinforce skin’s surface, corneum precisely, which creates a natural skin protective barrier. Other care cosmetics don’t shield skin sufficiently because they are designed to fulfil other functions.

The name booster isn’t registered as a proprietary product because this is a fairly young category of preparations. As a consequence, cosmetics labelled as boosters sometimes are products of completely different purpose.

How to choose the right booster and how to use it?

Each booster is destined for different skin type, therefore before you make a decision, you should devote a few minutes to read the description of a particular product and focus on its composition. Nowadays, more and more cosmetic brands are launching boosters to include them in their already existing cosmetic series. If you have your favourite one, it would be a good idea to give a try to its booster.

Application of such cosmetic is easy. A thin layer of booster has to be put on cleansed face skin at bedtime. Then, you can follow with your regular beauty routine. Also, you can add booster either to serum or cream.

What are the tasks of corneum?

Corneum is the external and the most important layer of skin that is in direct contact with everything that surrounds us, including the changing weather conditions and atmospheric factors. Corneum acts like a barrier which protects dermis from aggressive agents such as fungus, bacteria or water loss. Thanks to it, skin can remain smooth, elastic and moisturised.

When corneum is injured or damaged, it doesn’t only impinge upon skin condition and its looks but also the quality of functions that it carries out. When this happens, even appropriate and systematic care can turn out to be insufficient. Even bedtime moisturisation delivered by an expensive cream and morning application of sunscreen might be to no avail if our natural skin protective layer doesn’t work. An unpleasant consequence of this state might be excessive skin dehydration, for example.

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