How to apply concealer to eye area? Tested application methods

What should be done when concealer brings out wrinkles located near lips or when it cakes near your eyes? Refrain from applying makeup, look for other methods of camouflage, or perhaps wear big sunglasses? Not a bit of it. You just need to learn how to apply a concealer appropriately and the effects created will be beyond all expectations.

Before you apply an eye concealer

The most important rule that applies to each type of makeup says: lasting and pretty makeup equals neat skin. Therefore, before you apply any kind of┬ácolour cosmetics, including concealer, you must care for making your complexion look flawless, especially the eye skin area. It’s essential to apply creams that match your skin type and satisfy its needs. Moreover, don’t forget to replenish your skin with a light cream. Then you shouldn’t worry about the cream caking and gathering in the creases. Indeed, not all beauty products behave as you want them to but, after all, it’s your task to find the right beauty products.

Mind the amount

Skin around eyes is paper-thin therefore there’s no point in covering it with a thick layer of a concealer. The more you apply it, the more enhanced your imperfections get – but that’s not the effect you want to create. If you can notice spread dark marks under your eyes, then focus on this very area. In most cases, these are tear trough and the inner corner of the eye. To cover the blemish up, try to distribute a small amount of a concealer only on these two spots.

If you wish to achieve long-wear in makeup and smooth out wrinkles, apply an eyeshadow primer starting from the outer corner of the eye.

How to apply concealer to eye skin area?

Remember that a concealer shouldn’t be smudged. Instead, it has to be patted into the skin. As mentioned above, skin around eyes is really thin and dislikes being stretched. Besides, patting the concealer will create lasting effects and the concentration of pigment will look better.

Give a try to a few layers

If you still can see the blemishes through the layers of concealer, then go ahead and apply another one. Put a sheer layer to cover up the stubborn wrinkles and discolorations. To obtain even better effects, use a light-colored concealer. When you apply eyeshadows to the lower eyelid, you don’t have to put on a concealer very thoroughly. After all, eyeshadows will cover up blemishes, too.

Powder the concealer

Not all powders are suitable to be applied to eye concealer. Mismatching shade and matte finish might create fairly blemishing result. Anyway, a powder that can be applied to this area should be slightly yellow, peachy or beige, well-ground and light. Such powder must be applied starting from the outer corner heading the inner one to cover up all skin grooves and wrinkles.

How to apply concealer under eyes – Useful tips

  1. The more moisturising care, the better for skin and makeup. When skin is firm, concealer looks better and holds longer.
  2. The amount of concealer applied matters. Naturally, you should match the product so it suits your skin needs.
  3. Face powder that you apply to your complexion doesn’t always appear to be right to treat your eye skin area with.

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