How to take care of sensitive skin? Try out these principles and cosmetics

Sensitive skin requires special care. It is extremely susceptible to irritation and damage, and any, even the smallest irritating factor can cause negative effects. If you want to avoid this unpleasantness, check out how to take proper care of sensitive skin.

beauty.jpgGentleness above all

Sensitive skin should not be washed with harsh cleansing products with aggressively acting ingredients. Effect? Your skin will be tight and dry, you can even feel the burning and itching. Therefore, for the care of this type of skin use delicate, but at the same time effective preparations. Cosmetics based on soothing, moisturizing and protective substances will work well. Thermal water and mists used during the day will also bring good results. Thanks to them, you will provide sensitive skin with refreshment and hydration.

Cleanse gently

Sensitive skin does not like strong cleansing. Therefore, do not use products containing alcohol or strong detergents for makeup removal. Creamy lotions, gels or creams are useful. Their formula is very light and does not leave an oily layer. After cleansing, it is very important to wipe your face with a toner, which will restore the skin’s pH and microflora. In the care of sensitive skin, it is also important to choose products that will be sealed so that no bacteria or impurities get inside.

The right cream

Choosing the right cream is also of great importance, especially when it comes to the care of sensitive skin. The cream must provide particular properties, such as soothe irritations, ensure protection from external factors and regenerate the natural hydro-lipid layer of the skin. The most beneficial product components are stem cells, lipids, oils and cosmetic butter.

The fewer the better

In the case of sensitive skin care, the number of cosmetics used is also significant. There is no sense in using a lot of products, and you should not change your preparations every now and then. Why? Sensitive skin does not like changes and testing of newer cosmetics. This has a negative effect on its condition and can cause irritation. Therefore, once you find satisfying products, keep using them.

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