Why do eyelashes fall out? Reasons and ways of counteracting excessive eyelash loss

Problem of excessive eyelash falling out can be a sign either of our body being affected by serious diseases or improper care delivered to our lashes. However, you need to know that eyelash loss is natural and this process is connected with lash growth cycle. Certainly, it’s bad when we lose too many eyelashes, and this reflects in our appearance, indeed. How to recognize when eyelash falling-out indicates a serious problem? How to combat excessive eyelash loss?

Eyelashes are delicate hairs embedded shallowly in eyelid skin. They grow in harmony with their rhythm which differs from head hair cycle in the length mostly. Eyelashes live shorter, from 60 up to 150 days. The precise time, maximal length and number of eyelashes housed by either upper or lower eyelid is the information written in our genes, therefore, these features differ from person to person. However, there’s one thing we all are connected with – each of us loses lashes.

Eyelash loss is completely normal and stems from anatomic features. An eyelash life cycle begins in a follicle, which is the same place where life of a new eyelash starts. Once an eyelash reaches its maximum length, the bulb stops being active and its dying-out process follows. Nevertheless, the eyelash remains in the eyelid until it is pushed out by a new hair which grows out in the very same place; in other words, the new hair replaces the old one. That’s the reason why we sometimes notice a lost eyelash lying on our cheek, yet we don’t notice any greater changes in the general number of lashes. Visually everything remains unchanged thanks to periodic exchange of lashes – in average, every 3-4 months our eyelids house a completely new set of eyelashes.

The problems begin when we lose considerably more than, more or less, two lashes per day. Eyelash line becomes significantly thinner, there are clearly less lashes around our eyes, you can spot gaps in eyelash line as you can notice more and more lashes stuck to a cotton pad while removing make-up. It’s worth realizing that causes of excessive eyelash loss are various. This eyelash thinning issue can be intensified by:

• hormonal disorders (e.g. eyelashes fall out faster during pregnancy),
• taking of some medications,
• diseases, infections and inflammations affecting eye skin area,
• allergy triggered by make-up removers or contact lenses,
• following a diet that lacks vitamins and minerals,
• pollution, toxins from cigarettes,
• having false eyelash extension attached regularly,
• application of cosmetics which best-before date has expired,
• too vigorous make-up removal: rubbing and jerking of eyelashes,
• many, many more.

As it is possible with any other problem, you can cope with excessive hair loss with home remedies. Firstly, it’s advisable to have an eyelash growth stimulating product in store. For example, it can be castor oil, yet eyelash serums serve way better in this situation. These are cosmetics which combine action of natural ingredients with innovative reinforcing and lash growth accelerating substances. How to find out which eyelash serums are the best? It’s worth reading reviews and choosing tested products recommended by women who confirm obtaining desired effects. Thanks to this, the risk of buying a mismatching product drops to near zero; eyelashes become strengthened and stop falling out excessively.