Everything you might not know about eyelash extensions

Every time when we aren’t satisfied with the way our lashes look, there is this weird voice telling us into having false eyelash extensions done. What is this procedure all about and is it safe for the eyes? What are the outcomes? Here are the facts concerning eyelash extensions procedure.

Undoubtedly, coating lashes with mascara every single day is considered as the most mundane part of the morning routine. To make matters even worse, it’s impossible to get enhanced look by only using a mascara if the lashes are thin and short. To answer this very need, false eyelashes were created.

Nowadays, false eyelash extensions is one of the most popular treatments targeting lashes. What is that in particular? To make a long story short, this procedure depends on attaching individual or clusters of false lashes to natural lashes. Of course, there are many variations of this procedure.

There are a few basic methods of false eyelash extensions at our disposal, however, they are frequently modified to address particular needs. For example, we can decide to get 1:1 method applied, which means, that we will have one false eyelash glued to one natural lash. Moreover, there are also false lash extensions for volume boost where one natural lash wears up to a few synthetic lashes. The higher the number of the procedure’s name, the more false lashes are going to be attached (from 2 to 8).

Nevertheless, not everyone should go for having false extensions applied. The main contraindications for the procedure are: inflammations, glaucoma, sty, dry eye syndrome or other ailments that affect eye skin area. Also, poor state of natural eyelashes disqualifies us from undergoing the procedure.


An effective alternative to the procedure of eyelash extensions are eyelash serums which, if applied regularly, condition, reinforce, extend, make darker and thicken natural lashes. Use of such beauty products is fast, and the ingredients are selected in such a way to supply lashes with what is really crucial for them to grow properly. A good eyelash serum is able to bring out natural beauty even from thin and very short lashes.

The reason why false eyelash extension procedure is considered by many as expensive is because it has to be repeated regularly. False extensions may fall out together with the natural lashes after a few days after undergoing the procedure. That’s why filing-in sessions are so important. However, this isn’t the only drawback connected with this beautifying treatment.

The truth is, false eyelash extensions require more delicate care than the natural lashes. To demonstrate, false extensions shouldn’t be touched. Moreover, use of cosmetics containing oils significantly reduces lifespan of the false lashes. Basically, visiting a beautician is just the beginning because false lashes need to be regularly separated and conditioned with the aid of special products which help maintaining the obtained effects.