Instagram vs Real-Life Makeup. 7 Sins of Instagram-Inspired Trends

Instagram is a powerhouse of ideas and inspirations. It gives birth to most beauty trends. However, before reaching for makeup products, eyeshadow, highlighters, brushes and creating Instagram-inspired makeup – read the article! Some makeup types and techniques may turn out to look stunning in photos, not necessarily in reality. Check the biggest Instagram makeup traps and be careful before you get inspired.

instagram-photos.jpg1. Too much highlighter on your nose

It looks really cool on Instagram (photo filters and the blur effect) but in reality this illuminated nose looks rather… bad. Women tend to use too big brushes and obviously too much of a highlighter.

2. Too warm/red products for face contouring

Orange blusher or yellow powder look nice and interesting only in Instagram filtered photos. Warming your face using red or yellow shades ends up in a really worrying look in the day light. The face looks unnatural and your skin gets an unhealthy shade. In other words, you look as if you’ve just recovered from a long illness or you were having a raging fever.

3. Too much concealer

Big pale triangles on light-color skin – it’s far too much as well. A slight color change is not going to harm you but bulk amounts proposed by Instagram are overwhelming. You simply can’t see your skin anymore. The colors of products also leave a lot to be desired. Instead of healthy-looking hues such as light peach, you get intense beige or yellow shades giving a dramatic effect.

4. Weird face contouring techniques

Instagram girls like to post pictures showing their faces covered in various colors of contouring products – they often make up surprising patterns – geometrical shapes, plant or even… mandala. It is an interesting effect in the photo but no one wears this kind of makeup daily. Even while creating an evening look, none of makeup artists is going to ‘invade’ your face like that. It’s useless, unpractical and gives the effect of tired, weighed down skin, exhausted because of too much product. This artistic approach to makeup exclusively aims at creating a gorgeous look in the picture but it’s not at all practical.

5. Unbelievably too much makeup primer

All kinds of oils and glittery, greasy highlighters – designed to give a radiant, rested look – make you look just the opposite. In the photos, the face is filtered and enhanced by other tricks but in the day light, it looks greasy and sick… A proper application of a satin finish highlighter may actually make you look younger and radiant whereas the product distributed all over your face makes you look like a cyborg.

6. Cartoonish, overdone eyebrows

Too bad, they don’t improve your attractiveness – people look at you and see nothing but the eyebrows. Sometimes, they are thumb wide or even wider… That is why your face looks like a doll’s face, unnatural, cartoonish, grotesque. The face proportions are disturbed. If you really want full-looking brows – instead of tormenting them with too much pomade and creating lines not going along with your face – get a high-quality serum and grow beautiful eyebrows. Thanks to that, your makeup will take a few seconds and involve only defining the brow line and shape. It looks really feminine and natural.

7. Baking – too much white!

It is a pretty dramatic technique which originates from theatre. It’s been used in artistic plays for a long time but it doesn’t work for a daily makeup. I mean unbelievable amounts of powder, giving a whitening and mattifying effect. Geisha-like skin? Yeah, it looks nice in the picture, on stage or catwalk – not on a regular day, that’s for sure.

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