How to keep skin’s youth? Let’s take a closer look at antiaging creams

Mature skin needs restoration of glow and plumpness. Retinol, vitamin C and E, coenzyme Q10 are among rejuvenating substances that antiaging skin creams are based on. How do antiaging creams and their ingredients work?

What’s the effect of antiaging creams and substances inside them?

Antiaging creams and other rejuvenating products are made for fighting free radicals and providing sun protection. Free radicals and solar radiation are the young skin’s greatest enemies because they make the skin sag faster and trigger the appearance of wrinkles and age spots.


Antioxidants are able to win the fight against free radicals. The strongest substances having antioxidant properties include: rosemary acid, mouse-ear hawkweed extract or wild yam extract. The last one counteracts the activity of enzymes which break down collagen – one of the so-called youth proteins – and stimulates the repair of collagen fibers.


Polyphenols make up another group of substances that fight off free radicals. One of them is resveratrol found in red grapes and red wine – it holds back skin aging process, activates production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, and reinforces skin’s defensive mechanisms.


These bacteria usually make us think of ingredients in yogurts. Probiotics in antiaging creams improve the absorption of others substances included in them as well as enhance and speed up skin self-repair. What’s interesting, probiotics work longer than you use them (even for a month since you stop using them).

Hormone replacements

Because aging process results from hormonal changes occurring in a woman’s body around the age of 45, manufacturers of cosmetics launch creams based on natural hormone replacements. Genistein extracted from soy is an example. It works similarly to estrogens.


Because calcium effectively repairs the skeleton, it’s been assumed that it has a similar effect on skin. And it’s true – calcium in antiaging creams prevents the skin from sagging and enhances repair process.

Snake venom, snail slime… what else?

Cosmetic manufacturers keep searching for substances whose antiaging power is stronger. Among recent proposals there is snake venom peptide and snail slime extract. Nobody knows what’s going to be next…

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