How to maintain tan for longer?

Gold-olive suntan is the most beautiful souvenir from every holiday. It certainly gives us charm and makes the skin look healthier. Unfortunately, such a look will disappear a few months after holidays. However, if you want to keep your tan for longer, all you have to do is to try out these simple tricks.

beauty.jpgDietary supplements

There are plenty of dietary supplements that not only prolong the tan but also help the skin take on a golden or chocolate shade. What’s more, they contain ingredients that keep the skin in good condition and provide it with moisture, nutrition and protection. The same products have a positive effect on the condition of nails and hair. That is why it is worth taking them throughout the year.

Eat clean and tasty

Did you know that tan can also be prolonged by proper nutrition? You should supplement the diet with products containing vitamin A, such as butter, eggs and liver. The tan will also be maintained when consuming foods rich in beta-carotene. You will find it in red, yellow and dark green fruit and vegetables: apricots, pepper, spinach, plums and oranges. However, the most well-known way to keep a tan is to drink carrot juice on a daily basis.

Daily skin care

It is extremely important to take proper care of the skin if you wish to maintain your summer tan. Therefore, you should regularly exfoliate the epidermis to reveal the brown or olive colour of the deeper layers of the skin. The second proven way to preserve your tan is moisturizing the skin with creams and drinking a lot of still water. The right level of hydration prevents the skin from flaking – which leads to the loss of its golden colour.

Healthy lifestyle

If you want your tan to last longer and your skin to be in a good shape at all times, then you should switch to a healthy lifestyle. You must give up on drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and taking any stimulants. These things cause the skin to become dry, prone to damage and increase aging. As a result, the skin is not very elastic, grey and dull. Bear in mind that without a healthy lifestyle, care and even the best cosmetics will do no good.

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