Redken Diamond Oil – Expert on hair beautifying

Redken Diamond Oil is a real crown diamond of the entire Redken hair cosmetic collection. The oil is closed in a very effective, gloss bottle of irregular shape. The phial looks like a precious stone so it adorns not only hair but also each dressing table it is placed on. Apparently the feature of enhancing is in this product’s nature because this designer’s gadget is an outstanding elixir that beautifies appearance of all hair types.

Redken Diamond Oil was developed following the most advanced technologies. Also, it is considered as an essence of hair knowledge – its structure and needs. For that very reason, apart from polymers of synthetic origins, Redken hair oil contains three natural oils which are the body of the product.

– Apricot Oil – is a perfect substance moisturising hair, it smooths and makes the strands become soft to the touch and delicate. Apricot oil is responsible for improving both hair condition and its vitality. Moreover, this oil is the source of omega-9 fatty acids.

– Linseed Oil – contributes to increasing moisturisation, intensifies hair flexibility and boosts shine. Its secret weapon with the fight for hair beauty are omega-3 fatty acids and a high concentration of vitamin E.

– Coriander Oil – extracted from the seeds of this known to everyone seasoning, is a substance that ‘flavours’ hair with marvellous look. It reinforces, regenerates, protects and takes care of the strands due to an array of minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron). Furthermore, coriander oil contains a high concentration of folic acid, beta-carotene and, so-called, vitamins of youth, which are C, A, K, PP, B2.

Redken Diamond Oil is a multi-purpose product which can be applied in many ways depending on the current hair needs. Therefore, once the oil can be a hair mask applied before hair washing (a good way to nourish thin hair which is easy to overburden by using too many cosmetics), an overnight hair reinforcing treatment applied to damp hair, as a leave-in conditioner applied to damp hair right after washing, or to damp hair – always when hair needs help. Redken Diamond Oil can be also added to one’s favourite hair mask or conditioner in order to intensify the product’s action.

Finally, Redken oil is good at taming unruly hair, nourishing and improving the general state of hair. Also, it prevents frizz and replenishes hair with water. This beauty product reinforces hair and protects it from the negative impact the external factors may have on the strands.