Stem cells – does a skin youth elixir really exist?

Stem cells are conquering the cosmetics market. It turns out that their qualities are exceptional – different than anything that anti-aging care had to offer so far. In-vitro studies show that stem cells have a very beneficial effect on the skin – they inhibit its aging and accelerate the regeneration processes. They are the perfect support for the cells of our skin, which efficiency and ability to divide decreases with age. How do stem cells contained in creams work? What makes them so special? Let’s find out together!

beauty.jpgWhat are stem cells?

Stem cells are one of a kind due to the fact that they are the only ones able to regenerate and have unlimited divisions. They work constantly throughout their lives, and in addition, they can differentiate into various types of cells. Therefore, they are essential for the proper functioning of the whole organism. They are like a versatile building material for the whole human body.

Stem cells – use in cosmetology 

It’s been recently discovered that skin regeneration and youthfulness depends on the stem cell functioning. They are responsible for its proper regeneration and intracellular divisions, also in its deeper layers.

Newly formed skin cells migrate to its outer layers to complement the defects created by natural exfoliation. However, the role of stem cells is much greater. It turns out that they also occur in the deep layers of the dermis – this one is a kind of scaffolding that maintains skin firmness and prevents the formation of wrinkles. The dermis is also responsible for the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid (invaluable in the fight for youth, elasticity, and hydration).

With age, the vitality of these valuable cells is reduced, and thus – the regeneration processes also decrease, the skin begins to age, wrinkles, furrows, flaccidity, and discoloration are likely to appear. The skin provided with stem cells considerably slows down these processes.

How do stem cells work on the skin?

  • they improve the vitality of human skin stem cells;
  • they take part in intercellular divisions;
  • they support the functioning of human stem cells;
  • they accelerate the renewal of human cells which performance slows down due to aging;
  • they strengthen and improve the protective properties of the skin;
  • they inhibit the loss of water from its interior;
  • they stimulate repair processes in all layers of the skin;
  • they increase the resistance of human skin cells;
  • they have antioxidant properties;
  • they protect the skin against drying and irritation;
  • they make the fine lines shallower.

Plant stem cells – which ones are most valuable for human skin?

  • Argan stem cells – these are liposome complexes based on stem cells derived from argan tree. The concentration of these cells in tiny liposomes can reach up to 50%. Argan stem cells affect the viability of human skin cells, restore their ability to divide and stimulate the production of the most important components responsible for skin youthfulness (collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid).

Stem cells from an argan tree slow down the chronological aging of the skin, while protecting human cells and stimulating them to function properly despite the passage of time.

  • Stem cells from the alpine rose – they are extremely strong, because they come from a durable, long-lived plant, able to survive even in extremely adverse climatic conditions. Stem cells derived from the alpine rose have a beneficial effect on humans. Their strength accumulates in the layer of the epidermis. They stimulate natural skin regenerating processes, strengthen its resistance and accelerate healing. Moreover, rose stem cells accelerate skin regeneration, slow down the aging process and improve its renewal. Regularly applied stem cells from the alpine rose are able to reduce existing wrinkles and perfectly nourish the skin capillaries.
  • Plant stems cells from the Swiss apple tree (Uttwiler Spätlauber) – research has proven that this particular apple variety has the highest concentration of stem cells, with the highest quality and effectiveness. They are rich in epigenetic active substances that protect and support the metabolism of dermal cells. Remember what they say ‘a Swiss apple a day, keeps wrinkles at bay’.

Stem cells from Swiss apples are rich in metabolites that provide strength and longevity to skin cells. They work in such a way that the gene of aging cells is motivated by DNA repair. Plant cells protect our stem cells against oxidative stress.

For the stem cells harvested from plants to be effective and safe, the plant material from which they were obtained must be completely free from environmental pollution and pesticides.

Important! The name ‘stem cells’ is often used in medicine and cosmetology. Therefore, if you encounter such a name in beauty products you intend to buy – do not hesitate! You can be sure that you have found a cosmetic with the content of stem cells.

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