What remedies to use for treating adult acne? Teen vs adult acne

Adolescent acne is typical of the adolescence and is regarded as the norm while the adult acne is often said to be the consequence of lack of proper skin care. What does the adult acne involve? What are the causes? When does the adult acne pass away and what are the best remedies to treat it?

Causes of the adult acne

Acne doesn’t affect the teeangers only. The acne blemishes occur in most adult women and are known as the adult acne. Some patients have been struggling with the blemishes since the adolescence while others experience this skin condition as adults for the first time – this may be the so-called hormonal acne which flows from the hormonal changes in the oestrous cycle.

Adult acne – symptoms

Adult acne affects other skin areas than the teenage acne. The famous oily T-zone is replaced by the so-called U-zone – the lower face area, chin, jawline and neck.

Adolescent acne vs adult acne

Location of blemishes

The adult acne affects the lower part of the face while adolescent acne  Рthe upper and middle area.

Types of blemishes

Unlike teenage acne, adult acne appears through strong inflammation, smaller number of comedones and, at the same time, mild course of disease.

When does the adult acne pass away?

The adult acne is chronic and lasts for more than five years. A great majority of patients suffer from persistent lesions which affect the skin even until they turn 45. According to the conducted tests, the adult acne has a bigger impact on the quality of life than its adolescence version. Adult patients compare the skin condition to more serious diseases such as asthma or epilepsy. Women suffer from anxiety and depression because they feel inferior and less attractive due to acne. They feel like people keep looking at their skin, which sparks the lack of confidence, lost sense of security and emotional pain.

Remedies for adult acne

Camouflage make-up, suntan, extraction facial, popping pimples or taking supplements aren’t good remedies for acne. The only method that gives long-term effects is visiting a dermatologist. Because not every blemish is related to acne, the doctor will make diagnosis and indicate the proper treatment. There are lots of anti-acne medications but some of them can’t be used for a long time.

Azelaic acid as a remedy for adult acne

In order to fight the adult acne, you can use azelaic acid as a long-term treatment because this substance works on most factors triggering the occurrence of acne breakouts. Azelaic acid has:

  • antiseborrheic effect – it reduces secretion of oil.
  • exfoliating effect – it unclogs the skin pores and prevents comedones.
  • antibacterial effect – it inhibits the development of Propionibacterium acnes which cause acne lesions.
  • anti-inflammatory effect – it eliminates swelling and redness around the acne lesion.

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